About Program

The Universty Research Scholars Program is a four year program that enhances and enriches the undergraduate experiences of its scholars with research. 

The University Research Scholars Program introduces its scholars to the exciting world of academic research.  In the program, students are exposed to many opportunities in which they can improve upon their skills as undergraduate researchers. These opportunities range from workshops and seminars to research centered courses and access to peer mentoring. Through these initiatives, students will take away understandings of how to utilize the benefits of undergraduate research.

During their first year in the program, URSP scholars are heavily exposed to the central themes of research. Scholars will take the "Research and Creativity" course (one credit), which will teach them about the research communities at the University of Florida and will help the scholars develop research skills. First year URSP scholars are also required to take a CURE course during their spring or summer semester.

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If you have any questions regarding this program, please email the director, Dr. Donnelly, at adonn@ufl.edu.